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M. Sc. Biomedical Sciences
(Double Master)

MSc. Biomedical Sciences (Double Master)

The Double Master Program in Biomedical Sciences (IMBS) is offered by the Institute of Molecular Medicine and Cell Research at the Medical Faculty of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg (ALU), in cooperation with the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina.

This international Master Program offers a Double Master degree from both universities with 120 creditpoints (ECTS). The program is tailored to the interests of international graduate students in life- and natural sciences and medicine with professional experience. It is designed as a two years full time study and research program with specific and practical training and individual supervision that qualifies for success in academia or the private sector.

Biomedical sciences combine knowledge and practical lab work in translational medicine with the latest state of research methods and scientific evidence.

IMBS modules include the following topics: Pharmacology and Toxicology, Materials and Microsystems, Molecular Medicine, Immunology/Pathology, Virology, Molecular Oncology and Cardiology, Genetics of Disease and Cancer, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Neurobiology, Biophysics and Bioenergetics, Biostatistics and Bioethics.
The program starts at UBA in Buenos Aires for 8 months with a basic unit conveying general knowledge including some practice in molecular medicine and biochemistry. The next 8 months take place at ALU in Freiburg including 5 modules and 4 months of laboratory research to deepen theoretical knowledge, to enable the judgement of scientific papers with a bioethical basis and to obtain competences in lab research methods supported by individual supervision to discover individual scientific strength and focus. In addition, the program offers Spanish and German language courses, training in scientific and intercultural communication and special designed lab training.

The last 8 months are dedicated to the master thesis project which can be done at either institution.