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Welcome to the online tutorial for R!

R is a powerful open-source environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is also a programming language in which data can be handled and statistical operations carried out efficiently.

In the following exercises, you are going to learn the basics of using R: importing your data, creating subsets based on your criteria, summarizing the data as well as performing the basic statistical tests used in linguistics.

This tutorial is currently under development, any feedback on how it could be improved is thus welcome. Please direct your feedback to:
Jiri Zamecnik  -

Occasionally, you will have to show your ability to use R in order to continue, for example by providing the result of a statistical test. For some of these exercises, example data will be used. You can download this data here:
Data for the tutorial
If you need to write a decimal number, use a decimal point, not comma.
Once you have completed this tutorial you will be able to download a PDF version for your offline use.

This tutorial was written and tested on R version 3.4.2

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