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EUN-NET eLearning portal on EU-UN relations

This EU cooperation project of 8 universities examines the multiple relations between the European Union and the United Nations.


Welcome to the eLearning portal on EU-UN relations!

This portal is a collaboration of eight universities, funded by the European Union
The EUN-NET Network brings together established academics from different disciplines (law, economics, political science and international relations) that have a proven record of research and teaching excellence in the field of EU-UN relations. The rationale of this multidisciplinary partnership is to encourage exchange of academic best-practice and creating a thematic trans-national research group. The EUN-NET Network’s dual objective comprises the stimulation of academic interest in EU-UN interactions and the forging of a broader common public space for informed analysis and debate on current EU-UN issues.
Distance should not constitute an obstacle to learning. For this reason, the EU-UN Network has created an openly accessible E-Learning Module on EU-UN relations. This module is available to all interested students and stakeholders irrespective of their institutional and professional affiliation. The E-Learning Module is free of charge. Please note: You can change the language settings of this page one upper right hand corner!
The E-Learning Module on EU-UN relations provides an introduction into the role of the European Union (EU) in the United Nations (UN) and an overview of the research agendas in this respect. Experts from the network’s participating institutions provide in E-Learning sessions focusing on the following topics:

by Diana Panke

The introduction defines the basic
concepts and lay the foundation
form the following modules.

To the introduction

The EU and the International Labour
Organization (ILO)

by Robert Kissack

The module analyze the relations
between the EU and the International
Labour Organization (ILO).

To the EU-ILO relations

The EU and the UN Security Council
by Edith Drieskens

The module investigates the role of the
EU within the UN Security Council.

To the EU-UNSC relations

EU-UN relations in the policy field
‚human rights‘

by Karen E. Smith

The module deals with the complex
relations between the EU and the UN
in the area of human rights protection.

To the human rights

EU-UN relations in the policy field

by Tom Delreux

The module investigate the
field of environmental policy and
the relations between the EU and
the UN within this area.

To the environment

The EU performance in the UN
by Spyros Blavoukos

The module offers a framework
to analyze the EU performance
within the UN system.

To the EU performance

The EU and the development of
international law

by Jan Wouters

The module shows the impact of
the EU on the development of current
international law.

To the international law

The role of the EU delegation
by Katie Laatikainen

The module discovers the role
and influence of the EU delegation
to the UN in New York.

To the EU delegation

The EU and UN Peace Missions
by Madeleine O. Hosli 

The module examines the role of
the European Union within the UN
peacekeeping framework.

To the UN Peace Missions
by the EUN-NET team

Test your knowledge on EU-UN relations
across the eight modules with our quiz!

To the quiz
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